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Hi,  Another pic from the workbench. These are some of the guys that will be in the mixed male/female squad. Just blue-tacked together at the moment. Feedback welcome. I don’t have any background for this regiment yet. I’m calling Arcadians. Looking for suggestions for the rest of the name eg; Arcadian Marines. Arcadian Colonial Troops, etc
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  1. Always wish those images would be larger. I THINK I really like the helmets, but it’s hard to tell.
    Name could really be a matter of backstory. I think they look like some sort of Pioneers, or Recon outfit. Or associated with defense on new settlements, such as budding colonies. That could make them Sentinels, or some sort of Watch.

  2. I like these, they have a nice look about them, but I would like them better with some different arms. I think they would look right with a more modern style rifle (is pistol grip the right term?) And they would be killer with auto rifles! Your regular type (Vic style?) lasguns are awesome for everything else you have done, but I think these guys need a little something new to set them off!

  3. I love the minis. I have impatiently waiting for you to finally come out with the female troopers. The ones you previewed were great. There aren’t enough good (not skanky) looking 28mm female minis. Even less conversion bits. As for the name, Arcadian Colonial Troopers sound cool or Arcadian Colonial Marines.

  4. I believe you had asked about feedback and ideas for your lovely beast men…. 1ST of all they are kick ass! reminds me of R.T. days of 40k when you could do almost anything! that said.. I personally will be using them as a platoon of white shields. i’d love to see more poses for heavy weapons and regular rifles squads. from there ogryn and maybe a small squad of even space dwarfs. that would certainly completes my walk down memory lane! And sad part is…i don’t even wargame. i build terrain and resin kits but just to have ’em in the show case would be an honor!

  5. Vic, I am unsure if you have any background for these gents, but this is my take on them.

    Arcadian Void Marines

    The depths of space can be scary when the only thing between you and quick airless death is a thin skin of metal and energy. When the Victorian era began and space was the frontier for the masses of worlds… it became the new realm for criminals and brigands of all stripes. When shipping became stellar the merchant vessals found themselves at the mercy of those lucky or cunning enough to get a small ship of their own and ply the space lanes for targets.

    The various stellar governments were hard pressed to train and prepare their merchant fleets for such problems. Fighting in space was far different than on proper land. The regiments so versed in ground warfare were at a disadvantage when a ships gravity failed or a breech came upon the hull. Many good men and women fell to this disadvantage over the first few decades of “Experimentation.”

    It came as no surprise to later historians when the solution to this problem came from the ringed colonies of Arcadia, a series of cobbled together habitation stations above a near airless mining world. The rugged populations of these stations had long ago learned to thrive in the airless void protected by only the metal skins of their station bulkheads,

    The battle of Station A1-9 “Ark Ascendant” was the battle which brought the marines into galactic focus, as a fleet of slavers decided to test their might against “canned civilians”. The slavers breached the hull of the main civilian habitation blocks, expecting to find a huddled mass of cowering dregs, only to be met by a platoon of hardened and well armed Arcadians. The resulting battle was broadcast by the stations security screens, and later sent out in a broad-wave to the surrounding sectors to show what happens to those who try to take advantage of the systems perceived weakness. Only one slaver escaped the massacre, Sernus Kain, and his tale of the dangers of underestimating space-born colonies has kept the Arcadian system secure for many years.

    This is a good thing, as many of the former Arcadian regiments now ply the space lanes as part of contracted crews for many governments. The riches that eventually return to the colonies have made them very wealthy…and perhaps a bit decadent in their mentality, Whether this may spell the doom of Arcadian glory is unknown, but the Marines still do their jobs just as they always have.

  6. Just a name suggestion but you dont seem to have any airborne troops. With some minor changes you could make them the Arcadian Airborne or Arcadian Glider Infantry. I also like The Arcadian Defense Force as an idea. I am a fan of basic names for my troops that aren’t too over the top. But id love to see them geared up as airborne troops personally.

  7. I personally like Arcadian Marines or Arcadian Rifles. Maybe Arcadian Marines could be the standard troopers, possibly with the AK inspired lasgun previewed on Dakka Dakka, and with the Rifles being armed with the more traditional rifle you currently produce.

  8. I’ve always been partial to the term “Grenadiers”. I can picture small strike teams of Arcadian Grenadiers blasting holes in enemy lines. Add some grenade belts and a launcher-guy or 2 to the squad. Maybe a arm carrying a sapper charge?

  9. How about something like Arcadian Bunker Busters, Breachers, or Line breakers. They specialize in “storming” tactics versus entrenched foes. They have the heavy armor and would look good with your grenade launchers (though it would be nice to see your take on a sapper-charge arm or an RPG).

    I might also suggest some variants to set them apart from existing heads, like night vision goggles, gas masks, or full face shields (roit helms). On a smaller scale, personal touchs like a playing card tucked in the head band (popular in a lot of ‘Nam movies) could be fun to see.

  10. These sculpts are absolutely lovely, singlewideslim made a comment about the rifle not quite fitting the look which I agree with somewhat. Are the legs new too or are they the combat legs? I could use a set of these to go with my original metal cadians. Name wise cadian troopers or cadian volunteers comes to mind :)

  11. Name thoughts: Don’t do another SciFi Franchise spin off name, like Arcadian Colonial Marines or Arcadian Mobile Infantry. Your figures have their own look and style and other companies do actual MI and Colonial Marines.

    I really really like Arcadian Guard as their name. Why? Cause these guys (and gals) are the simple grunts, the ground pounders, the troops who go in, grab territory and hold it. They don’t need a fancy name, they don’t need glory and they don’t need songs, just give them a swig of whiskey and a smoke and tell them what hill to take.

  12. I definitely 2nd the above suggestion – Arcadian Guard sounds the best. Love the mini’s, can’t wait to get some of the female troopies, will be placing an order as soon as they’re available – also love that you have a resin Rough Rider conversion set now :)
    Too many cool minis, not enough money or painting time…..

  13. So made my preorder today.

    Here’s my background: Arcadia is one of the more normal planets in the Empire, with a largely agricultural base economy though there is heavy manufacturing on the moon and the cities boast some excellent universities where engineering schools pretrain future engineers to be sent to the Empire’s schools on the Red Planet. Arcadia though is not a united planet, it boasts several larger states and numerous smaller client ones. These states are often at conflict with one another, leading to each state having a large, well trained and equipped fighting force. The dregs of these armies were traditionally taken to be sent to the Empire’s Expeditionary Forces, until the Imperial Governor in charge of the sector figured out the Arcadian troops were substandard. Now Arcadia must draft half its contributory forces and pick the other half. As a result, the Arcadian regiments have actually becomes amongst the best serving in the EEF, as the experienced veterans serve as inspiration for the rogues, ne’erdowells and slackers who fight alongside them. The 9th Arcadian Regiment, “Gatch’s Gamblers” is one such regiment, and due to losses sustained over the years with no replacements from the homeworld has become a mixed regiments of non-humans, Borderland Rangers and other misfits integrated in to keep its numbers up. Perhaps the acceptance of others is due to the ethnic mix of troops from its homeworlds, or because of the common hardships that the Guards must face. Regardless, the Arcadian Guards have proven time and time again to be effective, solid fighters who refuse to give up.

  14. OK. For several years, I have been asking ‘certain’ resin casting companies around the Nottinghamshire area if they would please make some non-skanky female troops for their popular line of toy soldiers. To date, nada.
    Imagine my surprise and delight when I found that one of my all-time favorite artists, only the bloody genius behind Cadians’ End is not only producing a range that puts the big boys to shame, but are all bloody modular to boot! That other company does 2 lines of kits and they dont even mix! Anyhow, the previews look spectacular (I’ve ordered one of each) and I’m already in love with the Arcadians. I’d call them ‘Arcadian Rifles… Now, shut up and take my money!

    1. Hi, Thanks for the order, I will start shipping stuff out as soon as I get back from the US in early May.

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