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Victoria Miniatures 12 Days of Christmas FREE Minis Offer


Nov 23rd through Dec 4th is Victoria Miniatures 12 days of Christmas.  During this time, every order will receive the Miniature of the Day for FREE!
The time zone is PST Pacific Standard Time. All miniatures are resin.  Every order, no matter how small, will receive the free miniature for the day. There is no limit to how many orders can be placed.
The resin edition Sledgehammer BFG crew will be released early 2017 once the Kickstarter has shipped. This is a chance to get hold of these characterful minis early.

Enjoy,  V

Nov 23rd Captain Caine
Nov 24th Tannenburg Drummer Girl
Nov25th BFG Sledgehammer Remote Guy
Nov 26th BFG Sledgehammer Spanner Girl
Nov 27th BFG Sledgehammer Crank Guy
Nov 28th BFG Sledgehammer Targeter Girl
Nov 29th BFG Sledgehammer Scope Guy
Nov 30th BFG Sledgehammer Artillery Officer
Dec 1st Spanish Inquisition Cardinal
Dec 2nd Spanish Inquisition Inquisitor
Dec 3rd Spanish Inquisition Cardinal
Dec 4th Imperial Noble


Female Victorian Guard now shipping.

The Victorian 10 Woman Squad and the Victorian 5 Woman Squad are now available, as well as individual components, Female Victorian Torsos, and Female Pith Helmet Heads.
The popular Victorian Guard are all available as Universal Squads, this means you can choose whatever Victoria Miniatures weapons you would like to equip your squads with, or you can use plastic weapons from other troops.
And for those looking for some gribbly hybrid heads, the Cthood Alien Heads are now back in stock.
Thanks for reading, V

Adepticon LE Minis. Last Chance.

Adepticon last chance

I am back from Adepticon, and very pleased to be able to announce, that given the large number of requests I have received, the good Adepticon folks have allowed me to bring home all of my the LE Minis they had left from the last 3 years, and release them for sale via Victoria Miniatures this Tuesday 14th April.
That time works out as:
4pm Tues 14th Chicago.
10pm Tues 14th London.
7am Wed 15th Sydney.
Available will be; 40 each of the resin 2014 Arcadian Sgt, The 2015 Tannenburg Colonel and less than 10 of the 2013 metal Beastman Captain.
Cheers, V

New Heavy Weapons roll in!

Hi, Welcome to the biggest new release yet from Victoria Miniatures. I am very excited to present five superb heavy artillery pieces expertly sculpted by Jake Schneider.  They include a Heavy Bolter, Heavy Mortar, Heavy Twin Stubber,Laser Cannon and Auto Cannon. There is also a multi weapon options for people who like to magnetize their models, as well as wheel variants and gun carriages available separately.

But wait there’s more…
Six Heavy Weapon crews have been added to the modular infantry range, representing men of the Arcadian Guard, Highland Guard, Tannenburgers,Penal Guard, Van Diemen’s World Devils and Victorian Guard.


Heavy Artillery

New Releases

This month I am very pleased to announce the release of
Victoria Miniatures first digital weapons (
These have been expertly sculpted by Jake Schneider. They are designed to be compatible with 28mm heroic scale troops.
Current stock is limited so get in early.
Victoria Miniatures will be releasing male and female universal arms to fit these weapons in the near future.

Seeking Expressions of interest;

Hi, I am looking for someone who might be interested in doing some resin casting and mold making work for Victoria Miniatures. Preferably someone in the Adelaide area or resident in Australia.  Skills in resin casting, reliability and attention to detail required. If that sounds like you, and you would be interested in picking up some contract work, please get in touch. More info will be given privately on application.

Thanks, Victoria Lamb.

Arcadian Guard Preview


Hi,  Another pic from the workbench. These are some of the guys that will be in the mixed male/female squad. Just blue-tacked together at the moment. Feedback welcome. I don’t have any background for this regiment yet. I’m calling Arcadians. Looking for suggestions for the rest of the name eg; Arcadian Marines. Arcadian Colonial Troops, etc
Cheers, V

Shipping Delay :(

Shipping Delay
Due to an un-expected casting hold-up, I will be shipping out some orders later than expected. All orders will be filled, but the delay could take me to the end of the month. If you have an order that has not shipped and you would rather be refunded than wait, please contact me.
Very sorry about this, especially at this time of year. I will also be listing some of the squads as pre-orders while I catch up.
Big thanks to all for their support and patience.
You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men….