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Inquisition 20% off Special

To celebrate the release of Games Workshop’s Codex Inquisition, Victoria Miniatures Spanish Inquisition, in new resin will be offered at 20% off for one week only. So get converting, beef up your retinues and take those heretics by surprise 😉


Special Offer 10% off any order of $300 or more.

I have just activated a new offer for hard core collectors looking to make an army size purchase. Any order of $300 or more will receive a 10% discount. Just enter the coupon code ‘300’ as you go through the checkout to receive your discount. Of course the usual worldwide free shipping also applies. Now is a great time to get together with some mates and make a group order.

How to claim your 300 DEAL 10% discount.

  1. Choose any items in the Victoria Miniatures shop so that your total shopping cart adds up to $300 (USD) or more.
  2. Go to the checkout in the usual manner.
  3. Log in to your paypal account (or click “pay with a credit or debit card” if you do not have a paypal account).
  4. Check that your shipping address is correct and that the total of your order is $300 or more.  It will not show a discount at this stage, so just click the “Continue” button.
  5. On the next screen, enter 300 in the box under “Do you have a coupon?” near the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll down).
  6. The order summary box at the top right corner of this screen will change to show your 10% discount and the new total.  (You can still edit your order at this stage if you wish by clicking the “edit”  link in the summary box.)
  7. If you are satisfied that your order and the shipping address is correct, click the green “Complete Order” button at the bottom of the screen.

New Highland Moss Guard Resin Squad

The new Highland Guard Squad is now in store. This item ships in November, but I do have a handful of squads ready to go for those who are quick. This new revised kit has all the bits from the original plus the addition of a new command sprue, which includes new torsos, heads and arms for a sergeant and piper. All for now, at the old kit price.
Cheers, V

Painting my first Reaper Bones Miniature.

Painting my first Bones Miniature by Victoria Lamb.

As Reaper’s Bones II Kickstarter enters its final days I thought it would be a good time to share my  thoughts my Bones painting experience. In April 2013, while I was in the USA for Adepticon, I had the great pleasure of fulfilling a long standing invitation to visit the good folks at Reaper. I arrived at the tail end of Reapercon . Unfortunately Adepticon and Reapercon were the same weekend. But fortunately for me, many of the Reapercon guests were still there, and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some true mini legends, and generally hang out with some awesome hobby people for a few days, while enjoying the extraordinary generosity of true Southern hospitality.
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First Preview of upcoming female troops.

Hi, It is a great pleasure to show these first test sculpts. For a long time people have asked me to work on some modular female troops that are non-sexualised and can be mixed in with the existing male regiments. I am aiming to create women who look like practical combat troops that are dressed in the same uniforms as their male counterparts and are still recognizable as female on the tabletop. I don’t want to resort to barbie doll proportions, high heels, crop tops or any of the other cliches that are usually imposed on female soldier miniatures. I greatly welcome any feedback and comments during this developmental phase.
Many thanks, V

Resin Penal Guard bits now available separately

The 13 Penal Guard convict heads and the other new resin bits are now available separately. This includes heads, torsos, arms, legs and custodian parts.  Now that there are all these lovely new resin bits, the old metal penal conversion set is being retired, there are 12 left, once they are gone, they’re gone.

Tannenburg Palace Guard 10 Man Squad

Tannenburg Palace Guard. Complete 10 man squad deal now available.
This kit contains over $55.00 worth of bits, for only $45.00.
These Metal Modular Miniatures are compatible with popular plastic 30mm troops and interchangeable with any components in the Victoria Miniatures Range.


Torgo’s Trench Raiders, 6 Broolian Beastman Squad

Introducing the new, fully modular, all metal, Beastman Trench Raider Squad.
This characterful kit comes packed with extra new bits to allow unlimited variation for your Broolian Beastman Troopers.
As all Victoria Miniatures all the parts are compatible across the Vic Minis range and with popular plastic Guard.
Now Shipping.

New Resin Penal Guard Squad

Hi all, I am super pleased to announce a very special new release, The New Penal Guard 10 man Kit is a 56 part, fully modular, all resin, high quality, kit that has been almost 12 months in the making.  It will be the first is the first in a range of fully compatible, customizable, quality resin guard squads. It is also my first project with an expert casting company based in the USA. So, if you like what you see please help spread the word, it will really help Vic Minis move forward into a new phase :)

Salute pre-orders now open

This year Victoria Miniatures will be available at Salute on a pre-order basis. Simply enter the code: SALUTE when placing your order and you will be able to pick up your miniatures directly from the Eureka Miniatures stand on the day (just present your name and order number). No postage charges, no customs charges. Orders accepted until the end of March.

All you have to do is put your order through as normal, when you get to the summary page there will be a box asking if you have discount codes etc. enter SALUTE there. This will stop any postage being added to the order.

Preview 2013

Thank you for making 2012 such a big year for Vic Minis, The amazing level of support and encouragement I have received over the last 6 months has paved the way for 2013 to be huge.
There will be new minis, new regiments, new illustrations, fingers crossed, a Kickstarter and of course more great fiction from Andy Hoare. Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming, the community really is what keeps Vic Minis moving forward, I am very excited about the possibilities for the new year.
Here’s a little teaser, V