Highlander elite concept mini on the workbench.

Hi, you know when you get an idea for a squad, and it won’t go away. I just had to put together this prototype for a unit of elite Highlanders. Let me know if you would like to see them in production sometime, background and name suggestions welcome
Thanks, V

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  1. I have an idea for these. These can be called the Crimson Union.Or they can be called the Revolution Guard of Valgan a planet that has a strange climate change during have of the year where it get’s roughly cold and freezing blizzards strike again and again.And these men have been equipped using the best gear for this ever changing ice age to fight battles against terrible alien invaders and devastating life taking environments.

    They remind me of Russian Kozaks or so I think that is how they are called
    you could paint him in olive green’s and dark reds and gold for the detail’s
    and based in a snow scenery.I have more ideas to help out you have great talent I admire you’r work awesome minis you make! soon I will get my hands on a squad or gear for my imperial guard’s.

  2. If these are elite Moss Guard, then how about calling them the Murk Watch or Bog Watch after the famed Black Watch regiment?

  3. I am not terribly impressed, not to be rude, but looks like you are working on multi part Vostroyans to me, and I just dont see a demand for them. I would rather see somthing a bit more “outside the box”, perhaps some conversion bits for your cthood heads, to build alien mercenaries, or space pirates, or just some different guard options. Perhaps some bits to make arab guardsmen, or imperial japanese looking guardsmen, or wetsuited, navy seal sort of high tech modern warfare type gaurdsmen. How about extreme cold weather, arctic survival type guys? Or some bionic arms and maybe hooded gas mask type heads for machine priest conversions? Religious zealot, fanatic type bits or zombie conversion bits for 28mm heroic sci fi? Auto rifle arms? I love the highland guard kit, they are amazing, but I feel like it might be more profitable for you to move on to new ideas that have been overlooked and neglected by a certain english game manufacturer whose name I wont mention…

  4. time for my thinking cap i suppose, first hello you have been an inspiration for me to paint miniatures and make miniatures awesome miniatures, well that aside some thoughts on design and then onto the good stuff, as has been noted they do bear some resemblance to Vostroyan IG, that really isn’t an issue as your version is not covered in the Aquila. personally these would look awesome with either the camo cloaks or the other cloaks you supply [make/supply]. ok now the fun bit the background:

    stranded upon a dying world a lone band of warriors battle against innumerable alien foes, stripping the dead of their ammo and weapons/supplies, these warriors have patchwork uniforms patched from fallen comrades, their motto is “numquam oblivione delebitur” never forgotten, in tribute to those who have fallen. an interesting side note of worth is that their commander a one Sub Commander Obathus Voaux, has a strange penchant for slaying aliens bare handed [heroic no?] but things have never been the same since that battle on Ishtoria where the Cthood’s captured him and forced him to undergo painful and unforgettable “experimentation”, since that fateful day Voaux has had an intense hatred of all alien lifeforms.

    Uniform Color: black tartan’s and blue details, black because the regiment comes from a hostile deathworld which is always in perpetual darkness of night and blue for the once ideal symbol of hope before their world was destroyed by an unknown force….Voaux claims it was the Cthoods but everyone knows they have limited capacity to understand complex issues like technology

    Motto: numquam oblivione delebitur, latin for never forgotten
    characters of note: Sub Commander Obathus Voaux, weapon’s trooper Fox Redd [heavy gunner]
    world of origin: Nigoria Centuri IV [destroyed by unknown enemy]

    would i like to see these produced? simply the answer is yes, yes i would like to see these produced. also a female trooper would be even more awesome [although i am sure once they are eventually done they’ll be able to be mixed and matched]

  5. I like the idea of the bearskin clad elite Moss trooper idea but the ‘squared-off’ look does look more hussar or russian/voytroyan. Needs to be have a more rounded to work as highlanders.

  6. Very nice idea. I’ve always liked the famous painting ‘Gordons and Greys to the front’, This has the same feel as those troops (if you could do a mounted one too, that would be amazing). I do like the Murk Watch idea, Does The Grey Watch sound too dull?

  7. I still think that they should be called the Royal Highland Guard and come from one of the clan worlds but one with a more city landscape or mabye mountains. And yes I want them in production as fast as possible mabye they need a plate on the hat out of gold? or mabye only the officer who knows. Might even get highland cav legs too. Anyway Love your work Thanks

  8. So I wrote up some background for a sci-fi Black Watch, I think I ended up calling them the Night Watch as an allusion to Terry Pratchett. Possibly a useful name?

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