New Resin Penal Guard Squad

Hi all, I am super pleased to announce a very special new release, The New Penal Guard 10 man Kit is a 56 part, fully modular, all resin, high quality, kit that has been almost 12 months in the making.  It will be the first is the first in a range of fully compatible, customizable, quality resin guard squads. It is also my first project with an expert casting company based in the USA. So, if you like what you see please help spread the word, it will really help Vic Minis move forward into a new phase :)

One thought on “New Resin Penal Guard Squad

  1. Excellent set of miniatures. I love that you’ve captured the ‘desperado’ feel of a penal squad.

    I’m a long time Games Workshop collector, and can remember when the Imperial Guard had proper penal squads with exploding collars. I might add some of these figures to my collection for my house games.

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