Seeking Expressions of interest;

Hi, I am looking for someone who might be interested in doing some resin casting and mold making work for Victoria Miniatures. Preferably someone in the Adelaide area or resident in Australia.  Skills in resin casting, reliability and attention to detail required. If that sounds like you, and you would be interested in picking up some contract work, please get in touch. More info will be given privately on application.

Thanks, Victoria Lamb.

4 thoughts on “Seeking Expressions of interest;

  1. Did you end up finding a mold maker?
    Also what makes a good caster/molder? Your sculpts have inspired me to look into this as a future career.
    Love your work.

    1. There is a big demand for resin casters these days. Of course the quality has to be good, and the price reasonable. Also reliability and consistency in delivering on time is important. Having a good familiarity with miniatures so you can set up molds to make the casts easy for modellers to work with is also a bonus.
      Good luck :)

  2. I have no experiance in the industry but I would be very very willing to learn :) :) I have been into warhammer 40k since I was 12 so attention to detail is some thing I excel at :) :) im living in pt lincoln would love some advice? :)

    1. Sounds like a good start. There is a lot of info online about resin casting. My casters use pressure and /or vacuum. Its is really a case of learn as you go. Were are you based?

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